Retreat Yoga

Welcome to Midlandís one and only Yoga Studio, bringing Hot Yoga to the community.

Yoga is a powerfully personal experience and we would be honoured if you began your yoga journey with us. With a diverse team of teachers, holding an array of experience, we are positive our team can support you along your yoga journey.

What is your Retreat Yoga Style?

Looking for a wonderful way to relax, de-stress, stretch out and calm the nerves? Try a Restorative or Yin Yoga class.
Newer to Yoga? Try a Warm Hatha or a class in Studio 2 (Studio 2 is not a hot room), Restorative or Yin would be a great option too.
In need of a higher intensity of yoga? Try a Vinyasa class or a Hot Hatha.
Interested in journeying more deeply into the other Limbs of Yoga? Try our Meditation and Breath Work class.
Individuals are drawn to different teachers and different styles of yoga, at Retreat we encourage new yogis to explore the different styles available to them.

What is Hot Yoga?

Simply put, Hot Yoga is Yoga practiced in a heated environment, with temperatures ranging from 85-100 degrees. There are 3 main principles behind Hot Yoga.

Heat - warms the muscles and induces sweat. Warm muscles stretch further and with reduced risk of injury. The heat also increases the pulse and the body burns more calories in its efforts to stay cool while exercising. Heat dilates capillaries, distributing oxygen more effectively to muscles, glands, organs and other tissues, helping to remove toxins.

Sweat - The skin, the bodyís largest organ, eliminates toxins through perspiration. The function of sweat is to cool an overheated body. Sweating stimulates the metabolism and the immune system.

Focus and Breathing - As yogis work through challenging postures the mind needs to stay focused. To help gain focus deep breathing is used to increase the flow of prana (cosmic energy). Deep breathing helps to calm the mind and body and allows oxygen to circulate through the body more easily.

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